Qatar Half Snickers with Gin and Tonic 1985

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I’ll be straight with you: I am not a sporty spice.

But the total slush-flow-avalanche of hateful retorts after the Qatar 2022 win of hosting rights to the FIFA World Cup on December 2nd miffed me.

The argument has careened from issues of practicality to outright racism and is primarily due to the following three arguments leveled by journalists, commentators and tweeps in the general vicinity of Qatar:

Qatar is just too hot for sportsome pursuits.

You can’t obtain or drink alcoholic beverages.

Women must cover in public.

HOWEVER, today I crossed this rather exceptional video of some boisterous white-folk boozing in overcoats with their unruffled lady-friends at the Qatar Half-Marathon 1985 (and uploaded 2 years ago).

Qatari Half Snickers With Gin And Tonic in 1985 from Andrew Poole on Vimeo.

It proves all three of the snippity-snaps wrong and is amusing to boot.

It’s almost too perfect a find for this particular sweet moment that’s been bittered by the backlash.

It harkens back to that strange, liminal moment in Qatari (and southern – Kuwait was ahead of us – Gulf) history when the first big-push towards the ‘future’ (vague and foggy though it might have been) occurred.

(Stick around past the 6 minute mark where a runner wearing Slit-Sunglasses who pulls a little pop-lock for the camera.)

Thank you to one Andrew Poole on Vimeo.

One Response to “Qatar Half Snickers with Gin and Tonic 1985”
  1. Sheyma Buali says:

    Wow – i thought it was only the assholes I’ve come across in the last 48 hours! I am definitely surprised by this racist upheaval I’m encountered. Ive deemed it ‘new age orientalism’ – many concerns I hear are about the environment and buildings. yes, buildings: as in, ‘there are lots of buildings there’. go figure, buildings seem to get more respect…

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