A5eeRan! Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art Catalogues Have Arrived!

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art proceedings continue today at the AMCA INTERNATIONAL conference  happening in our main space.  Yes, we finally have a main space! Come to visit!

The great D.C. taking her box to lunch.

Meanwhile, in a little under 5 hours we were completely, utterly out of catalogues.

I invite you to have a sneak preview below of our catalogues (as modeled by Jorell) including essays by Deena Chalabi, Wassan al-Khudairi, Sam Bardaouil, Till Fellrath, Dr. Nada Shabout and…em, a small contribution by myself.

Jorell making brilliant over the texts.

Here is an excerpt from my piece on the history of the museum:

Mathaf is composed as much of memory and events, as it is of objects. While the collection is certainly the core of the Arab Museum of Modern

Art’s future iteration as Mathaf, it began as something else.

Originally founded in 1994, the Arab Museum of Modern Art opened

quietly to the knowledge (and interest) of a few alert people in Doha, Qatar. Over the course of the next decade, the new center grew both as an institution and as a collection around the visits of prominent Arab modernist artists who spent time in Doha working in the pair of twinned villas at the edge of the city.”

R. Al-S taking inventories

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