Erase my Face

Just a quick post to avoid feeling like a total blog FAIL this week. Found these delightful erasings posted on the Qatari Boys and Girls Facecrack page. It’s a tag-game to ‘name-that-unflattering-promotional-portrait’ of various ‘meh’ stars. There’s something about literally (as one refers to doing things digitally nowadays) rubbing out Najwa Karam’s face that is … Continue reading

“Take us to the Sheraton.”

“Translated By” as curated by Shumon Basar and Charles Arsène-Henry is hosted at the Architectural Association‘s gallery beginning this Friday Jan 14th and features many more accomplished authors than myself including Douglas Coupland, Rana Dasgupta, Julien Gracq, Hu Fang, Jonathan Lethem, Tom McCarthy, Guy Mannes Abbott, Hisham Matar, Adania Shibli and Neal Stephenson The gist … Continue reading

Living in the Future so the Present is Past

The past month has been an overwhelming one. December was a great crashing wave due at least in part to the massive undertow of change heralded by the 2022 World Cup win for Qatar but also of projects like our dear @MathafModern. Suddenly (or ‘finally’ as the favorite anecdote goeth) we don’t need to explain … Continue reading

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