Liminal: A New Fragrance by T.A.Z.

Some of you who follow the blog (I’m talking to you nobody) may recall about a year ago I enlisted Benito Robinsoni (right here on this page) to help me realize my dream for a Lynchian perfume ad based on one of the Pirate Parfums I enjoy sampling at the wholesaler near Souq al Dira.

You may will find the below advertisement less thrilling than a Punjabi horse dance but more scintillating than the alphabet rendered in morse code.

Essence de Liminal: as indescribable as it is remarkable. A fragrance that defies time, defies space, defines you.

<p><a href=”″>Liminal: A New Fragrance by TAZ</a> from <a href=”″>Sophia Al-Maria</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p><p>Add for a Perfume inspired by Lynch’s Gucci perfume. <br />It is Liminal.</p>

Starring a synthnotic original track by Maurice Louca, a dress designed by Ahmed of Nomad*, the Sheraton, and the Doha skyline at night.

This simple seed opened the gate on a wondrous new realm of qualitative quantum quirks centered around the Sheraton, Doha, the fruits of which you will see soon in the newest Salvatore Releasing, “Topaz Duo: Cosmic Phoenix”.

But in anycase, it’s taken a shameful tract of time considering this odeur is meant to transport the wearer.

3 Responses to “Liminal: A New Fragrance by T.A.Z.”
  1. Adam says:

    the only question I have is when is Liminal pour Homme coming and how do I order?

    • S A-M says:

      You can expect ‘le nez’ at T.A.Z. who composed the fine flavorants in Liminal to be working on the Homme version for you by S/S 2012. x

  2. latiffah malakooti says:

    Gurl this is like Liquid Sky Doha! Hot!

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