An Anthology of Google Translate Poems

“Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary.”com  -Kahlil Gibran Has anyone else noticed how sometimes GoogleTranslate garbles sentences like a Korean stationer? Just like a scented pack of strawberry bunny envelopes that read “Frend forever, let’s meet accident have fun.”, Google Translate generates a certain unappreciated … Continue reading

Me and my Dad’s Studio Dispatch from Camp Ass

I come to the handle ‘artist’ reluctantly. I want for a new one that doesn’t make me feel like a phoney. So on the subject of new words and being included as an ‘artist of the MENASA region’ by ‘The Island’s new Studio Dispatch series I give you a tongue-in-craw recording of myself and my … Continue reading

The Teddy Bear Sicknic

I’ve deblogged with no note or explanation for a month now, for this dear readers (all three of you) I send you my most abundant apology. What have I been doing all this time? Well, among many many other things I’ve been watching the films of Agnès Varda. And preparing (now recuperating) from a surgery … Continue reading

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