An Anthology of Google Translate Poems

“Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary.”com  -Kahlil Gibran

Has anyone else noticed how sometimes GoogleTranslate garbles sentences like a Korean stationer?
Just like a scented pack of strawberry bunny envelopes that read “Frend forever, let’s meet accident have fun.”,
Google Translate generates a certain unappreciated type of grammatical and syntactical mistake which is
(to my mind at least) quite beautiful.
Below you’ll find I’ve ‘edited’ together the first of what I hope will be multiple anthologies of internet poems
artificially generated by our beloved interweb.
I’ve never been more serious in my life.
After all, the cut-up technique is an antique automaton.
I wonder, W.W.B.D.? (What Would Burrough’s Do?)
Answer: Probably shoot me with his snubnose.
Forums Earthquake (to the pioneers of the Levant)
by MrAzez2010
A letter to the strong man on Alkwoowol Kolh,
  that seven sons, section a house
Akulk Old Anu kept the dark Lord back 
and Bard expires 
and if one of your honor and
you’re on your wideclear passage

by jroppe2005
Fuji Travel Shiba
six days
the sleeping form of sleeping face 
full of Jiro!
by jorkecaner
After you wait expectantly
destiny in the age of the most beautiful in defeat 
it is to live the life you cry .. 
this Bahtına KUL offended!
Starry Winepress
by 2009vib
Stars Almasro.
People Kherbanp.
Ashraf spring and they made the monsters
Mohamed Adel, 
The first Star of the hills.


by AKBSKEreport

This is








Honeys –

of the concept ‘to hang out’.

3 Responses to “An Anthology of Google Translate Poems”
  1. Hey check out this German-English-Spanish apocaliptic translation jewell captured by a friend of mine on a menu in Berlin.
    Lost in translation

    English version:”ideal to dip with 1000 islands dressing”
    Spanish version:”vestirse para la inmersión de islandia 1000″[get dressed for the 1000 iceland inmersion]

  2. Neon K says:

    attempt to assimilate……
    i’m lost

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