Min al-5ateeerah?! She danced a Her-Shaped Hole Thru My <3

I’ve been reminded after watching the below video, that one should go on and do whatever the f*ck she wants as long as she has got swag.

Just saying ‘I5rass! STFU! I’m doing it’ even if  you’re engaging in something verboten by whatever invisible authority  lowers the ‘dislike’ quotient on Youtube.

It does not matter if you’re a mutahajiba behaving immodestly or not.

The trick is: badassery.  Whether it’s driving a car in Khobar and getting arrested for it or stomping around naked in a parking lot and getting away with it.

Even if people go all ‘Sta5frAllah’ on  you.

Now get to hacking a guy to death on the dance floor with your wicked sha3bi Wing-Chun skillz.

You’ll be loved, if not by the shebab on your block, at least by the universe.

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