Bidoun #25 About #Jan25

Bidoun #25   “Twenty-five is special. This, the twenty-fifth issue of Bidoun, responds to the Egyptian revolution that began on the 25th of January. In April and May, a group ofBidoun editors took over the first floor of The Townhouse Gallery in downtown Cairo, five minutes from Tahrir Square, to better understand what happened, and what did not … Continue reading

AYSHAY – Guardian’s Artist of the Day 1,075

  Fatima Al Qadiri gets a nod on The Guardian.  Let the crest crescendo! Let the glory groan! “Ayshay’s music sounds like “anything” in that “nothing” in the pop music sphere will really prepare you for it, unless you happen to spend your day listening to Diamanda Galas, Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson and Lorca/Starsailor-era Tim … Continue reading

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