These Memoirs Won’t Dictate Themselves

Liz Memoir

“Has it ever occured to you that all life is memory, so fast you can hardly catch it?” -Sissy Goforth In celebration of finishing my book (a year late and eight thousand miles from where I started), I want to share some glamorous images of another, far more interesting woman writing her memoir.  I have a … Continue reading

F*cked-Up Re-Appropriation

Vanessa Hodgekinson's The Origin of the World

Fucked-Up Re-Appropriation or In Defense of Vanessa Hodgkinson by Sophia (Mohamed) Al-Maria Orientalism is a bad word. Its offensiveness is gauged not only by inflection but by whose mouth it comes out of. If you are white and you are dealing in the iconography of odalisques and arabesques you will be given a wide berth … Continue reading

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