1200 Count Head Shams from Syria and China

There’s always been something about this particular type of hijab that makes me feel uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s my general suspicion of all all-in-one products or the dirty feel of polyester on sweaty neck or the fact they closely resemble sham pillow cases…

but more likely it’s due to traumatic early  memories of  an evil babysitter called Areej. The fact that she reported mother to the mosque for teaching me witchcraft out of this book is secondary, the real problem is that she used to wear these things!

Just imagine this peering into your crib with bared teeth every morning:

Now. 5 out of 6 packages opened did not contain headwear resembling the advertised product.

A big part of me feels bad for the little Amirah who expects pink lace trimmings like in the photos but gets a grey flap of fabric violently stamped ‘Made in P.R.C.!’ instead.

Opening these hijabs reminded me of the crappy stickers you get with your Malibu Barbie convertable –  so! disappointing.

Meanwhile, without further comment I give you a selection of the better ad inserts sourced from Doha, Cairo and a $ store in Auckland:

The Chinless Wonder

Al Matrix

True Moslems Love to Sharpie Articles

Baby it is so cold outside

Brand New Day (Never Gonna Come Down)

Bonus LoL!

Snuggie tar7a onsie!

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