Ghostblog + Candid Cameras

1305463_10151674950904843_89248167_nDear erstwhile readers,

I’d all but abandoned this blog after the publication of my first and possibly only book The Girl Who Fell To Earth came out last November.

The publication of a version of my own personal history had an implosive effect on me – a sort of retrograde desire to unspeak, unblog and unbiographize myself. But as everyone knows on the internet, you can’t unsend an email or unsee that snuff video or  untag yourself on Facecrack when facial recognition bots exist.  During the writing period I’d gone so Ouroboros on myself, I had to take a break from the navel gazing (of which this blog was a part) and do something random – in this case that was taking a job to write a screenplay about 19th century cannibals  – but I digress.

Then last night I was talking with a friend about the tumbl-weeds blowing around the ‘blogosphere’ and realised that this blog serves another purpose: it’s an archive. If this isn’t here, I’m an info-sieve … (hashtaginternetanxiety (((p(>o<)q)))

I  don’t remember half the papers, essays, talks, even errands that I’ve done in the past six months but there have been MANY.

So, for the sake of it, I’m going to give this another go.

let’s just catch up with a few of the spottings of my book “in the wild” in bookstores across the USA.

The really big news I have is that the book has been selected for Honorable Mention at the Arab American Book Awards. If you’d like to know more about the book… info iz here and hina and also (x).

Merciz as ever for reading this ghostblog, Sophia/Safya




girl who fell earth


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