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Future of the Future Small-2

Hey guys, so this The Future of the Future event in Vancouver was last week.

I was too nervous/superstitious to post about it before.

Due to the laws of alphabetisation, I really felt the pressure was on.

You see, I’m still figuring out how to metabolise blind panic and abject terror into a casual, Ted talk sort of stage presence.

I totally bummed everyone out with my, “I’m an eco-pessimist millennial in a techno-optimist boomer world.” Sorry, Vancouver. Just saying.


If you are in YVR or will be. You MUST go to see the Douglas Coupland exhibition (which this event was celebrating). In particular his works in Lego.

Which should give you a clue as to the title of this post…

It is easily one of the best retrospectives I’ve seen of a living artist (or dead come to think of it). Plus, midnight-at-the-museum tour with he and our fellow panelists: not to be forgot.

The video of the event will be available on the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Vimeo (here) soon.

PS This sums up how I felt about hanging out with Mr. Gibson.

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