Gazing Gazeless Stare

“Whose Gaze Is It Anyway?” is on at the ICA this month during Safar: Festival of Popular Arab Cinema (19 – 25 Sep 2014). It includes work by Raed Yassin, Maha Maamoun, Mounira Al-Solh and excerpts from the archive of Abboudi Bou Jaoudeh.

It also includes the below works which are related to the Sisyphean flow of molten rock called Beretta I’ve been wading up hill through (with the help of many) since 2011.


Mark-Blower-140901-Whose-Gaze-Is-It-Anyway-ICA-0006 LOWER RES

Now this show is about the gaze… excuse me, “The Gaze”, as in the proper noun, hashtag Laura Mulvey meaning, the meaning that inverts the way you think about your ocular habits. And although I think Beretta suffers from a bad case of someone giving it the evil eye (the ultimate ‘Gaze’ mebbe?), there couldn’t be a more appropriate venue to test out some of the visual language of the unmade film than this show.


You will note, there is a fake poster for the film. This stars a Photobucket photo mod-elle. Getting her hijab to work was a bit of a challenge for the brilliant Sam Ashby as we were sending images back and forth over email with scribbles and arrows over them. Trying to explain how petal-like folds which split over the top of the head would be physically impossible IRL was…a hilarious correspondence.



Also, this Friday I’ll be at the ICA speaking with Omar Kholeif about the project. If you are in London > Star. If not, hope you enjoy these images and get a feeling of the space and the works.


Lulu (of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame) covered The Man Who Sold the World. Talk about Gazing a Gazeless Stare…those are some dead eyes.

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