Virtual Tour of Virgin With A Memory

My dear internets, I invite you on a picture tour of my now nearly over exhibition Virgin With A Memory.  It closes November 2. Apart from about ten very quality people, most of the humans I know don’t live in Manchester. Which means going to see the show will be either very inconvenient or prohibitively expensive or if you wait until tomorrow, impossible. So the next best thing is to see it in pictures below. X S.A.M. 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2391 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2209140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2251 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2246 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2371 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2243 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2341 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2297 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2222 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2235 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2260 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2264 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2282 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_space_combined 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2269 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2276 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2200 140908_Sophia_Al_Maria_2213

One Response to “Virtual Tour of Virgin With A Memory”
  1. Penny-Ante says:

    Hi Sophia, Sorry for the crass comment, but our press was hoping to connect with you by email regarding a project. If you’d like: info(at)penny-ante(dot)net. Many thanks.

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