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I spend a lot of time creepin.

Then I make videos out of what I find. One of these is currently at the New Museum in NYC as part of the Triennial Surround Audience co-curated by Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin.

Sisters is a four-channel video composed mostly of found footage from WhatsApp and Youtube.

These fleeting moments online hold a poignant power to me. It’s inexplicable but I think everyone who watches one of these videos slowed down or retextualized outside of a lurid website or a clandestine mobile phone peek feels that.

It is contact.

And there is a ghostly power these girls have, almost like digital shadows of themselves but the perfect imitation of flesh. They reverberate with power and the videos themselves have a strange gestational pulse. Hearts beat through sheaths of transparent PVC.

The images are stretched on long transparent screens, slightly higher than the viewer in order to create a sort of elgreco-effect. Each hosting one of these elongated lo res sirens.

They wrote a few paragraphs of ‘context’ at the actual Triennial but you can read it there for a limited time only (until May 24th)!

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