It’s Day 59 of e-flux Supercommunity & all I can say is – “to be honest i don’t know f*ck the world”.

I wrote this piece reflecting on the fact that I have had one mother of a case of writer’s block due in part to the internet and in another part to a depressive funk I’ve been simmering in.

Said funk was relating to feeling hopeless and helpless in the gaping maw of the world’s impossible order. One thing I’ve come to acknowledge struggling through it without any methodology and nothing but this app for therapeutic assistance is that having people – having a community – in fact – having a super community – really fucking helps.

Obvious to you maybe but I’ve always been a Sartre kind of a girl thinking hell is other humans.

So I call it a revelation.

Anyway, it’s not a sustained piece of criticism or anything particularly vital as several of the Supercommunity’s other works have been. It’s written in the cadence of an internet-hooked mind. Peripatetic. Factoid-filled. Rambling.

And I have to say, for all the complaints I’ve heard about Supercommunity feeling a little spammy in its daily-ness since the Venice launch – it’s yielded some truly juicy, incredible stuff.


This is an illustration e-flux rigged up depicting the epitaph Dorothy Parker would have liked on her tombstone. The reason this whole piece is preoccupied with the Parker (feminist and civil rights activist as well as now unfashionable writer) is that I’ve been guest editing Maria Fusco’s Happy Hypocrite journal for experimental art writing and have named it Fresh Hell after a Parker quote. More on that later.

So on that final note. Here are 3 choicer cuts of the Supercommunity I’ve enjoyed this summer:

Adrian Lahoud’s Nomos & Cosmos 

Hu Fang’s Why We Look @ Plants in a Corrupted World


Kader Attia’s The Loop


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