Reflections in an Avian Eye

Confession: My earliest memory of abject fear is from a Beatrix Potter story. Yes. I’m a wuss. The name of my fear is Old Brown. He is the owl villain of Squirrel Nutkin. The terrifying, music-hating, tail-snipping ancient one…and his eyes. In particular in this picture. In which Old Brown’s eye is black and peering. I … Continue reading

Virtual Tour of Virgin With A Memory

My dear internets, I invite you on a picture tour of my now nearly over exhibition Virgin With A Memory.  It closes November 2. Apart from about ten very quality people, most of the humans I know don’t live in Manchester. Which means going to see the show will be either very inconvenient or prohibitively … Continue reading

human power elite shopping destination art industrial complex

This week. Should you desire to pay an exorbitant amount of ¥ to enter the human power elite shopping destination and industrial art complex called the Frieze Art Fair you can take a tour with Tsagalalal or She Who Watches, a super intelligent entity from our ravaged future world who has an urgent warning for … Continue reading

The Iconoclast

I came across the work of Canadian artist and angry person Richard Slye because of the book Sign Crimes/Road Kill. I think more people should know about his work. Great documentary below called The Iconoclast, do view. <p><a href=”″>The Iconoclast: The Images of Richard Slye</a> from <a href=””>Michael Connolly</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The Great Unmade: Two New Books For You

Omar Kholief and I have both written new books. He a novella called Jeddah Childhood circa 1994 and myself, an exhibition tie-in called Virgin With a Memory inspired by cheap novelisations of films (ahem) and John Boorman’s classic production diary Money Into Light. The two tomes are being paired together at Cornerhouse Manchester for 7 Quids and … Continue reading

Gazing Gazeless Stare

“Whose Gaze Is It Anyway?” is on at the ICA this month during Safar: Festival of Popular Arab Cinema (19 – 25 Sep 2014). It includes work by Raed Yassin, Maha Maamoun, Mounira Al-Solh and excerpts from the archive of Abboudi Bou Jaoudeh. It also includes the below works which are related to the Sisyphean flow of molten rock called Beretta I’ve … Continue reading

X Ray Spex

Cleaning up old hard drive and found this fine portraiture of 90s 5’aleeji intelligentsia in their finest facial wear. If you recognise any of these men from their visual aids. LMK. I can positively identify only one, Ahmad Yousef.


  Last week, Shumon Basar asked me to write an open letter to Kurt Cobain and to my younger self in the 2nd person for an edition of his ongoing Live Magazine, FORMAT at the AA this week. It is exciting to be asked to write something about America instead of Qatar for a change! SEE THE LARGER … Continue reading

Everything is Awesome

  Hey guys, so this The Future of the Future event in Vancouver was last week. I was too nervous/superstitious to post about it before. Due to the laws of alphabetisation, I really felt the pressure was on. You see, I’m still figuring out how to metabolise blind panic and abject terror into a casual, Ted talk sort of … Continue reading

Serpentine Bridge Commission: KING TIDE

image courtesy of a website called “winds of jihad” Hans Ulrich Obrist likes to ask all his interviewees about their great unmade – basically, “What project do you wish to do but have never been able to?” Mine would not be a project. It would have been a summons. To have been able to take … Continue reading

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