Wimples, Hijab & Other Arbitrarily Drawn Connections Between That History and This Future

I found this ‘Muslem Article’ in a Chinese dollar store and had to share the sloe-eyed fancy with you all. Has anyone else has noticed how hijabs these days are looking more and more like wimples? The fashion originated with Gulfie shalas which I am convinced descend directly from the medieval nunnery. As if you … Continue reading

One Big @#% Ankaboot

Maman, Papa and I Last month Qatar Museums Authority unveiled the newest public art work to be obtained for Doha – one big #@% spider! It is one of Louise Bourgeois’ famous “Maman”s. When QMA requested I write the catalogue essay, I was hesitant. After all, everyone and their er-maman has something to write about … Continue reading

Habby 3id from Nyan Sh33p!

كل سنة و انتوا طيبين gif off Peachypalace.tumblr Eidia!

Hala Gatwa – The Transliteration of Cuteness Part 1

Hala Gatwa (هلا قطوة): Yuko Shimizu’s Hello Kitty (ハローキティ) wearing a handkerchief as a Niqab and rendered in Gulfie Arabic. (coined by Motaz Attalla) All I have to say about this is: Fedaytha al-Kawaii! Bonus:

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