Live Fast, Die Young – It’s a Free Internet

Romain Gavras’ new video for MIA’s “Bad Girls” really ‘steams up my windowscreen’. I mean it is hot. ‘Hot’ used here in the ‘let’s go do some crimes‘ … sense. I’ma come off like a real trite asshole dear internets, especially with the real revolutions raging all around us… but I just need to get … Continue reading

Türkan “The Sinema Sultan” Şoray

Even though She Lives, Türkan Şoray is a kind of picture-ghost. She endures in the memory banks of the internet, ripened to a bright 480×360 pixels. Here fans who have spent 30 years lovelorn over the “Sultan” of Turksih pop Sinema now post videos in dedication to her.  The faces of Turkan’s lovers are often … Continue reading

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