Making Out With Vangelis

Sexuality sounds like making out with Vangelis Sébastian Tellier’s aural aesthetics share the same “dirty-retro-smooth-and-shiny” feel as everybody’s favorite LA sweatshop. So it only seems appropriate that Sexuality was released last summer via an exclusive capitalist “collaboration” with American Apparel. Of course this marketing masterstroke just makes me feel like a sucker because Sexuality is … Continue reading

Assignment Sheets

Even though its yea’s olde I still get a kick out of Miranda July’s Learning To Love You More project. Here are some of my entries:Assignment # 23 – Recreate this snapshot:Hea’. Assignment # 3 – Make a documentary about a small child. Here. Assignment # 25 – Make a video of someone dancing. Here!


Offend Maggie with Insults

DeerhoofOffend MaggieKill Rock Stars, 2008 Deerhoof have constructed the perfect record-selling catch-22. Preceding the release of Offend Maggie, the San Francisco quartet invited the musically literate to cover their song “Fresh Born” before anyone had even heard it. In return, they hoped to glean a “platonic, abstract, ideal version” of the song from fans in … Continue reading

Bidoun # 15 is OUT!

COME ONE COME ALL AND READ THE STORIES BEHIND THAT SWEET VISER & LIPPY Lot’s of great stuff in this issue. Including “Driving Miss Deneuve” by Gary Dauphin, “the Toughest Man in Cairo vs. the Israeli vegetable” by Anand Balakrishnan, “Twilight of the Iron Sheik” by Negar Azimi and “Beauty as the Beast” by myself. … Continue reading

Lady Grinning Soul

Another of my video projects slowly unraveling. Fleshy tone geometrix and backwards mariachi are the stuff sex is made of.

Butter Bullet

Stripped Siteen Trilli0n Saudi Batgirl 2.0


Interview from last July I did with Dizzee: A lot of time has passed since Dizzee Rascal’s 2003 debut album Boy in Da Corner put the rap-phylum “grime” on the flapping lips of record execs and the keyboards of journalists everywhere. Rolling Stone, The Village Voice and even The New Yorker ran ecstatic columns announcing … Continue reading

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