Obey Giantess

Last week I got a call saying the one and only W. Al-Saffar’s sweet face was going up at the Cultural Village Roundabout, I raced over to find a truck pulled up under her chin, tucking it in with huge squeegies dipped in some kind of wheat paste glue. Other than being a sign of … Continue reading

Kitschy Kitschy Mecca Ya Ya

When I was in 8th grade my favorite accessory was a plastic and tin Ka’aba cuff. There was something so mesmerizing in its cheap neon relical-exotica I wore it until it discolored my arm so badly it took a month for the green to go away. I know there is a whole world of Mecca … Continue reading


Kanary (the 10-minute short I’ve been fretting over for five months) is FINALLY nearing completion. I had a few morose weeks recently when I was mere thumb-flicks away from taking a lighter to the hard-drive. But things are looking up now towards the end. The thing that got the roses up in my cheeks again … Continue reading

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