BIDOUN # 22 Library (almost) Out

This issue is linked up to the ongoing Library project Bidoun’s been travelling with including their recent big bang at the New Museum. I contributed zero to this issue however you WILL find the works of mad geniuses Babak Radboy and Michael C. Vazquez on such subjects as Saudi Aramco, OPEC and from what I … Continue reading

Kentucky Fried Bitchen

It’s hard not to hate her ’cause she’s beautiful. Last week Northwestern University Qatar brought Roxana Saberi to speak at the well-equipped Hyatt Grand Ballroom. All I want to say about Roxana and her Presentations #GoodnameforBand! is that it was most shameless about her new book, Between Two Worlds. It went something like this: “If … Continue reading

Same-Same…But Different

I worry sometimes that I’m turning into other people. Same Same But Different A couple months ago I received a message subjected ‘double walker’ from one HK claiming to have run into an uncanny Italian ‘me’ in Geneva. Just a few days before that my friend MH informed me she had spotted another doppleganger of … Continue reading


Does anyone else feel like they are losing years off their life glazed-over in the isles of Lulu Hypermarket? I do. And I think it’s killing me slowly and painfully…with a spanner… in the majlis. Today I read this and took courage from the saint of suburbia hisself J.G. “In a crackpot way… I like … Continue reading

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