Live Fast, Die Young – It’s a Free Internet

Romain Gavras’ new video for MIA’s “Bad Girls” really ‘steams up my windowscreen’.

I mean it is hot.

‘Hot’ used here in the ‘let’s go do some crimes‘ … sense.

I’ma come off like a real trite asshole dear internets, especially with the real revolutions raging all around us… but I just need to get something off my chest.

As @yousefkaid eloquently pointed out to me on the Twitter:

“Dude, they stole yo shit wholesale. I was really pissed. Da revolution will be ?commercialized”

I blame Gavras not MIA for rolling up to my little raw materials mine and taking his Bagger 288 to my claim. I have no qualms with an other brown girl tipping her hoodie to this stuff from her neon-vehicle or radifying riding sidesaddle or winking from behind her dirty-khaleej mirrorshade aviators. I’ve made videos featuring these things before in evidence here, here and here.

Take these screengrabs rubbed bumper-to-bumper. Frankly, I think you’ll all agree – she wore it better.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The dude who directed this has done it before. Namely with his video for MIA’s “Born Free” in which he shot-for-shots Peter Watkins’ “Punishment Park” .

The diff is that Watkins was a real filmmaker, over here in the Gulfie desert of the unreal I’m still in the sandbox writing my bad-girls-in-drag-drag-race script.

Whether it was intentional, psychic or  if any of them saw my stuff at all – it doesn’t matter so much. It’s a free internet after all.One thing’s sure, I still L-U-V MIA more than I could ever ❤ MDNA. If nothing else – for her trajectory.

And it’s some bitter consolation they got the gutras wrong and didn’t have the chunks to shoot it in the Gulf.

I’ve still got a sleeper cell full of visual weaponry – AKs and Abayas that Gavras isn’t wild enough to dream of.

Lemme make a vid for you Arulpragasam. I’ll do it right. Badgirlwise.

In the lyrics of the ladytiger


At least ya’ll can’t take my Maalaya.

4 Responses to “Live Fast, Die Young – It’s a Free Internet”
  1. shumonbasar says:

    This would stand up in every court of law, including Judge Judy’s, and the ICCJ. Material proofs.

  2. Reblogged this on Colour Me Fiji // Ema Tavola and commented:
    Beautifully said!

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